Business Intelligence using Dashboards

For those roles where dashboards are necessary, ZIENNA Logic delivers Yellowfin BI, a data analysis dashboarding system that helps people do their jobs with reduced effort when accessing vital business information.

Benefits can be realised to people in these roles:

  1. Next generation of Business Intelligence tools (with over 1 million users worldwide)
  2. Fully accessible for those in highly mobile roles (via 100% web browser plus smart phone app)
  3. Very rich and informative presentation of information
  4. Very, very low cost of ownership
  5. Suitable for a very wide range of skill levels
  6. High probability of staff uptake
  7. Meets most security, auditing and governance requirements

Finance Department

  1. Accuracy and confidence – control and manage one set of financial charts and calculations
  2. Very, very low cost of ownership
  3. Reduce reliance on spreadsheets
  4. Faster access to financial reports (reports are refreshed when data is updated)
  5. Ad-hoc design tools for fast re-visualisation of data (drag and drop designer)
  6. Almost immediate completion of end of month reports (complex calculations and analysis functions included)
  7. Includes report presentation tools for board room meetings (slide show tools)
  8. Easier distribution of reports (access via web browser or smart phone)

Marketing Department

  1. Geocoding (Google maps or static maps) of any records that have Latitude and Longitude values
  2. Australian Census data linked to any record with an Australian Postcode
  3. Census data includes Age bands to help identify potential markets
  4. Heat maps to show where geographically greatest activity, or inactivity is occuring
  5. Slide show tools for presentation of text, images and reports in a sequence of slides


  1. Create new columns using Formula Builder, Calculation Templates or free-hand SQL
  2. Analysis functions
  3. Statistical functions
  4. Data conversions
  5. Column formatting to suit the intended audience, including ‘conditional’ behaviours
  6. Report editor is a drag and drop environment
  7. Report editor includes multiple charts per report (including chart layering)
  8. Report output includes a canvas onto which multiple charts can be laid

IT Department

  1. 100% browser based, hosted on premises
  2. Proven and robust (over 1 million users worldwide)
  3. Platform independent
  4. Very lean IT requirements
  5. Centralised architecture, no client software (100% browser based)
  6. Open standards based application
  7. Quick to deploy and administer
  8. Excellent security structure
  9. Connectivity includes JDBC (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM, Postgress, Sybase, ODBC and others), XMLA (SSAS and others), SSRS, and JNDI.
  10. Internationalised

Report Consumer (User)

  1. Uncluttered report menu
  2. Access to reports from a web browser or smart phone app
  3. Highly collaborative, comment on reports and share ideas
  4. Ad-hoc report creation, if permitted through security

ZIENNA Logic offers Yellowfin BI as a solution to solve these common business requirements:

  1. Almost eliminate the reliance on spreadsheets as a data management and reporting tool.
  2. Speed up access to critical business information through reports and dashboards, on PC, tablet or phone.
  3. Extend visibility of data with comprehensive data visualisation graphs including geographical maps.
  4. Exception reports.  Discover where the business needs more focus and attention.
  5. Improve control of business through decision-making information.  Tailored reports for Sales Managers, CxOs and other stakeholders that need information fast.
  6. Improve confidence in data quality.

Phone us to discuss your current methods of reporting.  We would be happy to investigate ways to improve or streamline them.  Visit the Yellowfin BI dashboard site here.